About the Project


Two catastrophic category five hurricanes of historic proportions hit Puerto Rico hard, one after the other, in less than two weeks.
Urgent help, attention, and awareness were needed.


When faced with adversity, we endure together (Unidos/United), and when a historic challenge hits hard, we need an even more historic answer.

The Outcome


The development of a strategic, multi-platform, consumer-centric, international initiative to increase awareness, call local and international attention and inspire donations from around the world for the people of Puerto Rico

We needed to conceptualizing and produce an integrated campaign in an island without power, water or telecommunications. The challenge was met with love, and United for Puerto Rico was launched successfully in multiple international mediums.


+ $40 Million Raised

+ 140,000 individual donations

Isla Bendita Song Production.

+3.5 Million views


Massive Fundraising concert

$4,235,949 raised


328,866,094 impressions

$6,030,262 AD Value

Digital Results

+2M Unique Website Visits

+200,000 Social Mentions

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