Innovation & Strategy

In our new connected world, the strategists and innovators must leverage technology to ensure businesses are consistently efficient. At IXS we are innovators by trade, we plan and develop brand ecosystems that deliver consistent and sustainable business growth with the help of a diverse group of brand strategist, ideation architects, certified digital experts, communications planners, and political consultants. Our strategic approach puts consumers and users at the center of our proprietary methodology to ensure engagement, satisfaction and brand value delivery online and offline.

  • Research and Insights
  • Ecosystem Strategy
  • Consumer Journey Mapping
  • Growth Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Creative Ideation

Digital Ecosystems

Every day we dream of a place called Nirvana, where the consumer is seamlessly at the center of the ever-changing brand experience of today.

At IXS we believe that a robust ecosystem elevates your brand’s voice by leveraging the consumer experience visually, behaviorally and geographically. We ensure that the platforms and ecosystems we envision interact with consumers at every touch-point, connecting data, individualized content, and tailor-made tools creating relevant and contextually useful tools that serve every single customer needs.

  • Digital Experience Design
  • DMP, CMS and CRM Integration
  • UX and Interaction Design
  • Mobile Platforms and Apps
  • Video and Multisensory Experiences
  • Emerging Platforms

Digital Marketing

We believe in a future of relationship building. We no longer want to reach or connect with the consumer. Today, we engage and cultivate an individualized, holistic relationship with each consumer that drives brand loyalty, and overall satisfaction.

To achieve this, we focus on a consistent omnichannel marketing approach powered by data and supported by our hyper-focus on the continuously evolving consumer journey. This way we ensure the creation of a mutually beneficial, seamless experience across all online and offline channels and touch points.

  • Programmatic, Native and SEM
  • Social Media
  • Content Development
  • AR/VR Platforms
  • Influencer and Brand Ambassadors
  • Experiential and PR

Performance & Optimization

In the new ultra-connected, hyper-competitive world, having robust performance and optimization tools and platforms have become a necessity. Brands in the new marketplace are looking for reliable and measurable results. Results analysis is no longer an afterthought. As modern marketers, our role has evolved to navigate through a broad and diverse array of data to understand past consumer behavior and predict and optimize the results of the future. We combine cutting-edge marketing and data to fuel performance and create actionable insights that give brands the ultimate competitive edge.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Social Listening
  • Analytics and KPI’s
  • Attribution Modeling
  • ROI/ROAS Analysis
  • Dashboards and Visualization